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Did you know that your running shoes need rest? The cushioning material in your shoes becomes hotter when you run due to the energy it is absorbing. To get the most cushioning out of your running shoes give them 24 hours between runs.


Need some exercises to get your "butt in gear"? Try these three exercises to give your butt a "tune up". You will be surprised at how much this can help your running.


Knee pain got you down? Visit our recently revised Runner's Knee page for tips on how to get back to running pain free.


Yep, butts are in! I spent Saturday in discussion with Chris Powers PhD, who has been researching knee pain at USC for over 20 years. His conclusion was that the gluteal (butt) muscles are grossly neglected in most knee injury prevention and recovery programs. We have been preaching this for 6 years! I believe that our DVD Kettlebell Training for the Running Athlete is the best approach for any running athlete to get their "Butt in gear".


Do you feel pain in your heel when you first get out of bed in the morning? You may have plantar fasciitis. This is a challenging injury to tame. The quicker you get working on it the easier it is to manage. Read our page on how to treat plantar fasciitis.


Between 27 and 56% of regularly training runners experience an injury each year. Read our recovery guide to quickly get your self back to running.


Women runners -- if you leak when you run please read about our program "Confidence". Share this info with your friends. Many women struggle with it and there is help.


Our injury identifier allows you to click on the area of your pain. Follow the links to learn how to manage your injury and get back to running.


We have been consulting with a number of high school cross country teams this year in an effort to reduce injuries. This year we are focusing on the LARS concept to improve running form. See if you too can benefit from these four simple principles. LARS Running Form