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The Injured Runner - A Balanced Solution DVD

Balanced Solution DVD


Kettlebell Training for the running athlete DVD

Kettlebell Training DVD


Vinyasa Yoga for runners

Vinyasa Yoga for runners


Topricin Pain Relief Cream


Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook

Sports Nutrition guidebook

This encyclopedic sport nutrition book will change your running forever! Nancy Clark's Sport's Nutrition Guidebook covers every aspect of sports nutrition.

Loaded with practical tips, nutritional strategies, recipes and more.

Learn how to fuel your body for optimal performance and health.



Confidence - Stop the Leak

eBook for urinary stress incontinence

Stop the leak - pelvic base stregthening


Side Ache Solution

eBook program to eliminate side aches

Side Ache Solution


Over 600 descriptions of movies that feature some aspect of running.