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Morton's Neuroma – The Injured Runner

Morton’s Neuroma is inflammation of the nerve that passes between the long bones (metarsals) of the foot. You will feel pain between the ends of the second and third or third and fourth metatarsal bones. The plantar nerve swells and becomes compressed between these bones. If you grasp the two metatarsal bones bordering the pain and squeeze them together you should feel your familiar symptoms. The pain is often sharp and may even feel electric. It is often worse when wearing shoes, especially narrow shoes, and better when walking barefoot.

  • A metatarsal pad is a small, slightly triangular, pad that can be placed slightly behind the painful area to provide relief. It may support an arch in this area and decrease pressure on the nerve.
  • Arch Supports or orthotics (custom foot supports) may be able to position the foot in a way that reduces strain on this region.
  • Stretching of both calf muscles at least twice per day may help decrease strain at the ball of the foot.
  • Strengthening and balance training.
  • An anti-inflammatory should be used to reduce the pain and inflammation.
  • A steroid injection can often provide a lot of relief if you don’t mind the needle.
  • If symptoms do not improve with these treatments then surgery can be performed to remove the neuroma.