Leg injuries Recovery stretches

IT Band stretch – The Injured Runner

For a stretch of the upper portion of your right IT band, cross your left foot in front of your right foot so that your left heel is near your right little toe. Slightly bend your right knee. While keeping your hips pointed straight forward slide them towards the right and tilt your shoulders to the left. You will most likely feel most of the stretch in the outer portion of the butt, and some stretch along the side of your thigh. Alter the bend in your right knee to get more stretch on the side of the thigh. Hold for ten seconds and repeat five times.

For a stretch of your right lower portion of the IT band, lie on your left side with your hips flexed 45 degrees. With your right hand reach down and grasp your right ankle. Pull your right ankle back and towards your butt until your thigh is in a straight line with your back. This is a powerful stretch; you may need to be cautious with how far you pull your heel towards your butt. Next, lower your right knee to the floor while maintaining your thigh in line with your back. You will feel quite a bit of stretch in the quadriceps muscle but should also feel stretch in the lower portion of the IT Band on the outer side of your knee. Hold for ten seconds and repeat five times.