Kettlebell Training

for the Running Athlete


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Athletes across the globe are discovering the benefits of kettlebell training. Kettlebell training was initially developed for use by elite Russian athletes - skyrocketing their performance at international competitions.


Runners can now benefit from the dynamic training approach unique to kettlebell training.


The secret is out!


This dynamic training approach is being used by mixed martial artists, professional football teams, track and field athletes, Navy SEALS, law enforcement personnel, firefighters and now runners.


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The kettlebell difference


The design of the kettlebell, with its handle and suspended body, increases angular momentum with swinging motions. No other form of conditioning can provide the dynamic effect of kettlebell training.


Most strength training approaches are relatively static but not kettlebell training. Running athletes, Navy SEALs and firefighters are engaged in dynamic activities making kettlebell training a perfect match.


Kettlebell Training for the Running Athlete is a 23 minute program designed specifically to meet the needs of runners. Dynamic kettlebell training will improve your core strength, leg strength, coordination and balance. You will discover imbalances previously unrecognized and have the tools to perfect them.


Kettlebell Training for the Running Athlete is the only kettlebell program specifically designed for runners. Physical therapist, Bryan Whitesides, created this DVD based on his career's experience working with runnners.


Whether your sport is distance running, sprinting, soccer, or basketball this program is for you.


Kettlebell Training for Runners

  • Muscle Tuning
  • Strength Training
  • Core Training
  • Balance Training

Muscle Tuning

Muscle Tuning is a concept described by Dr. Nigg at Calgary, Alberta's exercise physiology lab. With each step you take while running there is a certain amount of vibration that occurs in both your bones and muscles. Muscle tuning trains your muscles to respond quickly and effectively to ensure appropriate vibrational ranges in your muscles and bones. With the swinging motion of kettlebell training your foot, leg and core muscles are constantly adjusting to the new challenge. The results are a well tuned neuromuscular system.


"This DVD is great for me. It only takes a little over 20 minutes but I feel like I have worked everything and in a way I have never experienced before. In a brief focused workout I feel like all of my strengthening needs are taken care of."


Strength Training

Research has demonstrated that strength training can improve your running times, but what is the best approach. The exercises selected for Kettlebell Training for the Running Athlete focus on the areas that will most benefit runners: feet, calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals and abs. Not only do these exercises hit the key areas - the dynamic nature of kettlebell training makes them extremely functional and specific to running. Running is a dynamic sports and requires dynamic training for optimal results.


"I've tried a lot of strength training, including some kettlebell work, but this program really kicks butt!"


Core Training

Many athletes think that doing some crunches is all they need for core training. Wrong! Core muscles

are defined as the muscles that attach to your pelvis, with some of these extending to your leg and some to your trunk. There are actually 29 pairs of these muscles. We can't design exercises to stengthening each of these muscles individually but we can ensure that each of the major muscle groups (abs, hip abductors, gluteals, hip flexors, hamstrings, groin and lower back) are trained. Kettlebell Training for the running athlete trains each of these groups dynamically and functionally.


Balance Training

Balance is the functional expression of an optimized nervous system, muscular system and skeletal system. Kettlebell Training for the running athlete will work your balance in a dynamic way that you have never experienced before. You will be amazed at the difference balance training can make in your running form and efficiency.


"I sprained my ankle two years ago. My ankle seemed fine but my hip and lower back began to hurt after runs. A friend recommended kettlebell training to me. When I did the exercises standing on the ankle I had sprained I was lousy - wobbling all over the place. My balance is now much better and the hip and back pain are gone."


Born to Run

Have you read the national best seller, Born to Run by Christopher McDougall? A great book that explores the history of ultradistance running, the mysterious Tarahumara indian runners and the possibile human origins of running. McDougall presents a compelling case for breaking away from the maximally supportive running shoe and adopting a more natural running style. The Tarahumara runners run in sandals, usually constructed from car tires - no pronation control there. There feet are conditioned and strong - able to adapt to the rugged terrain they run on.


The exercises presented in Kettlebell Training for the running athlete are performed without shoes for the specific purpose of training your foot muscles to become responsive to changing stimulus. You will be impressed with how dynamic kettlebell training restores your foots natural ability to adapt and propel. The bottom line is that you run better, faster, stronger and more balanced.


"I had left foot pain for over a year. I had been to physical therapy and the doctors but it still hurt to run. After a couple of weeks performing the kettlebell routine my foot pain was gone. I thought my feet were pretty strong but the kettlebell training works balance and foot strength so much more than anything else I had tried."


Bonus feature #1


Act now and receive a free copy of "Barefoot Running: a sensible guide to conditioning". Author, Bryan Whitesides PT, MPT, OCS, discusses the benefits and risks of barefoot running. This eBook provides you with a training program including drills, stretching and strengthening exercises. Progression guidelines help you experience the benefits of barefoot running. This sensible approach helps you to avoid the extremist concepts associated with barefoot running.


Bonus feature #2


With your order of Kettlebell Training for the Running Athlete you will also receive a free copy of "Rope Jumping for Runners". Rope jumping is a dynamic and fun way to supplement your training program. Rope jumping improves foot strength, muscular balance, running speed, coordination, aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This free eBook provides you with the tips and training program you need to benefit from rope jumping.


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Run better, faster, stronger and more balanced


Kettlebell Training for the Running Athlete

  • Muscle Tuning
  • Strength Training
  • Core Training
  • Balance Training
  • Free "Barefoot Running: a sensible guide to conditioning" eBook
  • Free "Rope Jumping for Runners" eBook
  • Free Shipping
  • No hassle money back guarantee

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Kettlebell Training for the Running Athlete does not require heavier weights. Most men will feel a challenging workout with a 15 to 20 pound (8kg) kettlebell. Women are encouraged to start with a 10 pound (4kg) kettlebell. Kettlebells are available at most stores in the sporting goods section for $8 to $50.