Butt Strengthening

Butt strengthening is one of the most important things you can do to recover from or prevent a running related injury. Below we have posted three safe exercises that most runners can perform even when their knee is painful (do not perform these if it hurts your knee). These are exercises that you can perform on a daily basis and are arranged from easiest to most difficult. Start with 10 reps and progress to 30 or more. As your knee symptoms improve and you feel ready to fully rehabilitate with more challenging exercises we recommend "Kettlebell Training for the Running Athlete" DVD.


Butt Lift

Lift your butt trying to make a straight line from your ankle to shoulder.

10 - 30x

Butt Lift / Ball Roll

Simultaneously lift your butt and roll the ball toward your butt.

Butt Lift March

Hold your butt up while alternately lifting your legs.



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