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Injured Runner – 6 steps to eliminate side aches

Side ache facts: A side ache or side stitch is a pain in the abdominal region that is associated with exercise. Runners are ten times more likely to experience side aches than cyclists. Running, endurance horseback riding and swimming are the sports with the most reported side aches. Younger runners get side aches / stitches […]


Injured Runner – hamstring stretching

Hamstrings, the muscle in your back thigh, can often become strained while or after running. This strain is commonly found when people are speed training or racing. A slight strain will allow you to continue running, but will recur if you begin speed training too soon. You are best off eliminating speed workouts for a […]

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Injured Runner 101- exercising with shin Splints today

exercising with Shin Splints shin splints are a condition that result in pain along the boarder of the tibia(shinbone). Shin Splints can be taken care of with a little TLC and you can get back to exercising with shin splints. The pain is a result of the muscles pulling on the lining of your shinbone. […]

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what to eat for runners

Eating before you run can prevent low blood sugar.  Things you might want to eat during running are sports gels and bars, and sports drinks or water. Runners should eat more high-carbohydrate foods to keep their muscles fueled and avoid sugary foods, such as candy and soda, within an hour before hard exercise. 


Ibunex – The Injured Runner

Ibunex is a topical cream that includes Ibuprofen, Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM and Bromelain. This easy to apply spray provides relief without out the dangerous side effects of oral anti-inflammatory medications. The Liposomal Dermal Delivery Matrix system makes this product more easily absorbed than other topical sprays, most of which don’t include an anti-inflammatory […]

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Can I run with sciatica?

The short answer to this is we wouldn’t advise so. Why? Well, running doesn’t cause sciatica but it does inflame it. Running is a high impact activity and when you run and hit the ground, it puts extra stress on the sciatic nerve. But please don’t despair. Most cases of sciatica do improve, and overall […]