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Easy 12 week beginners marathon training plan

How do I train for a marathon? Great question! We have pulled together a beginners marathon training plan here specially designed to take you from gentle jog, to finishing a 26.2mile marathon in 12 weeks. Running a marathon is something a tiny percentage of people have ever achieved – so you’re going to be in […]

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women running beginner challenge: how to get started today

womens running beginner challenge – good reasons to get started! Running or any kind of regular physical activity is positive for you and your health. The great thing about running is that it is one of the easiest sports to take up as you don’t need much kit to get started, can set off straight […]

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Get started now – rope jumping for runners

does rope jumping help with running? We think so yes!

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Tibial Stress Fractures in runners – The Injured Runner

Stress Fractures are a condition where training load has exceeded your body’s ability to maintain bone structure, resulting in partial to complete breakdown of the bone. The most common sites for a stress fracture in the shin are the top inner portion of the shinbone (medial tibial plateau) and the central portion of the shin. […]

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should I run with an injury?

Asking yourself, ‘should I run with an injury.’  If you’re reading this, it’s likely because something isn’t feeling right. Take heart because nobody feels 100% all of the time, and even with the very best training and recovery regime running is a physically demanding sport. Researchers have estimated that 37 to 56% of regularly training […]

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Buttock Strengthening exercises.

buttock strengthening 101 Butt strengthening exercises are one of the most important things you can do to recover from or prevent a running related injury. Buttock pain – piriformis syndrome Piriformis syndrome is a pain – in the buttock! Your piriformis is a muscle that runs from your lower spine to the top of your […]

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Rope Jumping for Runners – jump now!

Rope jumping – intro Many of us haven’t touched a jump rope since school days but rope jumping for runners is a great cross training tool in our training programme. why is rope jumping a good addition for runners? Rope jumping can be an extremely effective supplement to your running program. With a little bit […]

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Cycling when injured running – cross training recovery

Cycling options You’ve injured yourself and you need to stop running to recover – but don’t want to lose your fitness. The good news is a low impact option is cycling when injured running. With the advent of spin bikes, stationary cycling can actually be quite fun. If you are training on your own you […]

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Inline Skating Cross Training – The Injured Runner

Inline skating or roller blading is a great way to enjoy training outside if you have an area and climate conducive to this type of training. Skating on a set of roller blades is substantially less jarring than running. Additionally, the forceful push outward is a tremendous way to strengthen the gluteals, which helps with […]

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aqua jogging – what and how

what is deep water running or aqua jogging? Deep water running or aqua jogging is a tremendous form of cross training because there is no impact. Runners with almost any injury can safely continue their training in the water. Great news! Injury is hard and frustrating for runners – but deep water running is a […]