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Hip Stress Fracture – The Injured Runner

Bursitis is a pain that develops on the outside of the hip. A bursa is a thin fluid filled sack that helps reduce friction between your gluteal muscles and the femur bone, somewhat like a Teflon pad. Excessive or abnormal strain to the area can cause the bursa to swell and become painful. You may […]

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What is Mortons Neuroma

what is Mortons Neuroma? It’s an inflammation of the nerve that passes between the long bones (metarsals) of the foot. You will feel pain between the ends of the second and third or third and fourth metatarsal bones. The plantar nerve swells and becomes compressed between these bones. If you grasp the two metatarsal bones […]


Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome — The Injured Runner

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is an injury of the tibial nerve as it passes through a tunnel formed by the bones near the arch of your foot. Excessive pronation (which is when the foot rolls inward for a longer than normal portion of the running cycle), weight gain, or inward sprain of the foot may cause […]

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IT Band problems

Why do lots of runners get ITB  or IT band problems from running? Most runners will have heard of the iliotibial band or ITB or IT band, as it’s often blamed for injuries and discomfort. What is the IT band? It is a thick band of tense tissue which runs from the ileum bone in […]

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Can I run with sciatica?

The short answer to this is we wouldn’t advise so. Why? Well, running doesn’t cause sciatica but it does inflame it. Running is a high impact activity and when you run and hit the ground, it puts extra stress on the sciatic nerve. But please don’t despair. Most cases of sciatica do improve, and overall […]