Groin strain – The Injured Runner

Groin Strain is an annoying pain in the centre of your groin. This is a pain that is fairly specific, meaning you can touch the spot and if you stretch your groin you feel a distinct pull in the tender area. It is more common with speed training or quick hill repeats. This condition is one you should be able to run through, although you’ll have to back off speed training. If it progresses to causing a limp or feels like a deep ache, you may have a stress fracture lurking (see stress fracture).

  • Ice is particularly helpful for this condition. Don’t be shy – get it right on the skin (a thin wet cloth is all that is needed to protect the skin).
  • Gentle stretching of the hip flexor and hip adductor muscles usually speed recovery. Hold the stretches for thirty seconds, repeat three times, and perform this routine two to three times per day. See Hip Flexor Stretch and Hip Adductor Stretch.
  • Trunk strengthening is essential for groin strains. The groin is the meeting point of the abdominals, hip adductors and hip flexors. Proper balance of the strength of these muscles is essential to recovery.