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hallux rigidus treatments- The Injured Runner

What is hallux rigidus?

Hallux Rigidus means a stiff big toe. Runners with this condition experience pain in or on the top of the knuckle of the big toe with limited ability to bend the toe. This may be related to arthritis or a previous injury to the area. Keep reading for hallux rigidus treatments.

Treatments for hallux rigidus

  • A recent study demonstrated good improvement with a course of physical therapy that included specific stretching (toe against the wall and leaning forward to bend it), strengthening (concentrating on pressing off with the toe when walking), manual therapy (small manual movements to restore joint motion), heat(prior to stretching), ice (after the exercises) and electrical stimulation.
  • Orthotics are custom made foot supports that in some cases can position the foot in a way that reduces strain on the big toe. For this condition it is probably best to see a podiatrist to discuss if orthotics will help you.
  • Surgery can be performed to remove bone growth that may be limiting motion.