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Hamstring Tendonitis treatment to try now – The Injured Runner

Hamstring Tendonitis is a pain that is felt on and just below the boney part of your butt that you sit on. The hamstring tendon attaches to this bone and can become painful. I have seen this develop after a runner stumbles and catches them self from falling forward. The hamstrings tighten to prevent the trunk from falling forward and may result in a pulled tendon in this area. Speed training can also lead to this condition especially if you have a running style where you run very erect and “pull” yourself forward with the hamstrings. So that’s why we are looking at hamstring tendonitis treatment – focusing on things you can try today!



  • If you stumbled, ice application will be particularly helpful.
  • Running technique – if you heel strike during speed workouts you may want to consider altering your style to striking with the mid or forefoot.
  • Core Strengthening – try the plank position for a quick, all around program. These are even good enough for women’s marathon record holder Paula Radcliffe who was photographed performing the side plank position.
  • Agility – sidestepping, grapevine, and sideways zipper (stepping forward and backward while moving sideways). Try three sets of one minute.
  • Single leg stand windmill touches – while standing on one leg, bend forward at the hip keeping your other leg in a straight line with your back, keep your arms out to the side and rotate your trunk so that your right hand would touch your right foot (or left to left). This exercise is excellent for balance, hamstring strengthening and flexibility.
  • Stretching – avoid direct stretching. Instead of standing and bending forward to touch your toes, slide your hips to the right and then bend forward. Next, slide your hips to the left and bend forward for the stretch.
  • Massage can helps speed recovery and promote proper healing.
  • An anti-inflammatory cream may help reduce the pain and inflammation and is an effective hamstring tendonitis treatment. 

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