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Injured Runner – 6 steps to eliminate side aches

Side ache facts:

  • A side ache or side stitch is a pain in the abdominal region that is associated with exercise.
  • Runners are ten times more likely to experience side aches than cyclists.
  • Running, endurance horseback riding and swimming are the sports with the most reported side aches.
  • Younger runners get side aches / stitches more often than adults.

6 point program to eliminate side aches.

  1. Learn what the real cause of a side ache / stitch is.
  2. Learn the most effective stretches for side aches with detailed descriptions.
  3. Learn the most effective abdominal strengthening exercises for side aches.
  4. Learn principles of relaxation to improve your running form and reduce side aches.
  5. Learn which factors make you more likely to get a side ache.
  6. Learn how to ease a side ache once it happens