is it safe to run with a hangover 101?

Is it safe to run with a hangover?

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably had a bit too much to drink and are working out is it safe to run with a hangover? Should you run while hungover? Let’s discuss the evidence.

how much did you drink?

So let’s start with the facts. The more alcohol you drank and the later into the night you drank it, will heavily impact on the ability to exercise the next day.

If you can, work out how many units of alcohol you drank, because that will give you some idea as to when it’s out of your system. It takes approx one hour for one unit of alcohol to be processed by the body.

is running with a hangover a good idea?

So is it safe to exercise hungover? Some of the negative effects of alcohol mean a hangover isn’t a great help with running. You may have had less sleep, and thus be lacking in energy or balance – which could put you at chance of injury.

You could be dehydrated from the alcohol and risk further dehydration from the sweat you lose running. Dehydration also means your pulse is higher. Running will of course raise your pulse further. Your metabolism will be trying to clear the alcohol in your system, and so may not be in the in the best condition to cope with a run.

how to decide is it safe to run with a hangover for you.

Really, this all depends on how you feel. If you’ve just got a headache then your risks are low. If however you feel sick or have a racing heart-rate, it makes sense to delay or cancel your run for today.

To improve your health to make a run possible – drink as much water as possible, and take water with you when you run. Eating will also help counter the low blood sugar that comes as a side effect from drinking.

is it safe to run with a hangover? Depends how hungover you are. So use the markers listed here alongside your common sense. There is always tomorrow.

is it safe to run with a hangover