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Kettlebell Training for Runners – discover it with The Injured Runner

Kettlebell Training for runners. 

Athletes across the globe are discovering the benefits of kettlebell training. Kettlebell training was initially developed for use by elite Russian athletes can you believe- skyrocketing their performance at international competitions.


However runners can now benefit from the dynamic training approach unique to kettlebell training.

This dynamic training approach is being used by mixed martial artists, professional football teams, track and field athletes, Navy SEALS, law enforcement personnel, firefighters and now runners.

Run Better!

Run Faster!

Run Stronger!

Run Balanced!

The design of the kettlebell, with its handle and suspended body, increases angular momentum with swinging motions. No other form of conditioning can provide the dynamic effect of kettlebell training.

Most strength training approaches are relatively static but not kettlebell training. Running athletes, Navy SEALs and firefighters are engaged in dynamic activities making kettlebell training a perfect match.