Runners Knee recovery 101 – everything you wanted to know

  Runners knee recovery: an intro If you’ve found this post it’s because you are suffering from some knee pain when running or walking. Runners knee is a general term for pain around the kneecap or patella. Symptoms in this region vary widely from being a low-grade annoyance to a complete inability to run. The […]

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How to improve your running form

Running form introduction Runner’s come in many shapes, sizes and styles. One running form does not fit all people nor does it guarantee superior performance or freedom from injury. However, knowing some basic concepts can help you get the most out of your running experience and can help understand how to improve your running form. […]

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Run walk method: how to get going!

what is walk-run training? The run walk method running technique is simply a combination of paced walking interspersed with light jogging. The amount you spend walking vs running can and does vary! As you get fitter, you might spend more time jogging, but the technique is excellent at managing reducing your chance of injury or […]

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why do my knees hurt when I run?

why do my knees hurt when I run? Knee pain when running is a common issue for runners. Strengthening knees for running can help reduce knee pain now and prevent it in the future. what is runners knee? Runners knee is not a single a condition but is what we often call the variety of […]

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How to start running at 40: tips to start today

where should I start if I want to start running at 40? You are ready to start mentally but don’t know how to start physically. You might be asking – is 40 too old to start running. The answer is not at all. Do not worry! You are not alone, so many people ask us […]

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Do you get endorphins running?

What are endorphins and do you get endorphins running? Endorphins are a hormone, or chemical that your body releases. Can you believe they actually have a similar effect to morphine – making you feel relaxed and happy. When you run the body releases endorphins – which increases pain tolerance, reduces anxiety, tension, anger and confusion! […]

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How to get rid of shin splints: 6 tips try now

what are shin splints? What exactly shin splints are is still not entirely confirmed by science. But what we do know is that it’s a pain and tenderness in the shin area and you are interested in how to get rid of shin splints. The medical name for shin splints is medial tibial stress syndrome. […]

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Calves cramping when running? Tips to stop it

what is calf cramp? Muscle fibres contract and relax in turn when you use a muscle. Sometimes a muscle gets stuck in the contracted state and that’s what the pain of cramp is. Pain in the back of the lower leg is calf cramp, and if you find calves cramping when running, you often have […]

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shin stress

I have shin pain – what is it? If you have a pain and tenderness in the shin area on the front of your lower legs, it might be shin splints. There are often found in runners who are starting out or who have dramatically increased their mileage. The condition is created from an increase […]

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26 tips running a marathon for the first time

If you’re reading this I’ll bet you are midway through a training plan and wondering what the big day will be like and ‘can I run a marathon?’ Fear not, if you’ve done the training you can absolutely do the day. If you’re here because you are thinking of running a marathon without training – […]

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CrossTraining ideas – rope jumping for runners

Does rope jumping help with running? We think so yes! Rope jumping for runners is a full body workout that improves endurance and strength – both things you need for running. It helps breathing and cardio and balance. Great all round. Here is some more information about why we think it’s great to add to […]


is it safe to run with a hangover 101?

how much did you drink? If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably had a bit too much to drink and are working out is it safe to run with a hangover? So let’s start with the facts. The more alcohol you drank and the later into the night you drank it, will reflect on the […]