Running form Training tips

Running Techniques

Good running techniques

A good running form and better running techniques can be learned and will make you economical and smooth in your stride and breathing. Crucially it also helps prevent running injuries.

You can improve your running techniques by following a few tips, going from head down to your toes and paying attention to what each part of your body is doing.

Head: aim to keep your head still, steady and forwards. Let your eyes settle a couple of steps in front. Keeping an eye on the terrain coming up keeps those ankles safer too!

Shoulders: Try and keep your shoulders relaxed and hanging naturally. If you can feel your shoulders tensed, try and roll them down and don’t hunch them.

Arms: Bend your arms at around 90 degrees by your side and use in forward motion. Allow them to move forwards and back, close to your body, with opposite arm moving with opposite leg.

Hands: Hold your hands comfortably, don’t tense them into a tight fist!

Chest: face your chest forwards. Try not to twist to the sides or lean forwards or backwards. Use your core to stay stable.

Knees: Drive the knees forward.

Feet: Aim for a smooth rolling action from heel to mid foot to toes. Try to avoid hitting the ground hard flat footed.

Improving your breathing

When you start running, you might feel alarmed by the feeling of being out of breath. But remember your body controls your breathing all the time, and being out of breath is normal and your body taking in and distributing oxygen.

The more running you do the easier your breathing will become. If you are relaxed when running, your breathing adjusts automatically. It doesn’t matter whether you breathe in or out through nose or mouth – do what feels comfortable.