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I have shin pain – what is it from?

If you have a pain and tenderness in the shin area on the front of your lower legs, it might be shin splints. There are often found in runners who are starting out or who have dramatically increased their mileage. The condition is created from an increase of stress in this area. Read our shin splints guide to understand the treatment for shin stress pain that is shin splints.

What are shin splints?

We aren’t actually totally sure of the science, but some runners – often beginners and people who dramatically increase their mileage – develop a pain in the shin area on the front of the lower legs.

Is it OK to run if I have osteoprosis?

Running is a great impact activity for maintaining bone mass but if you’ve got established osteoporosis then you will need to see your doctor. Most people can run, but for a small number the risks will outweigh the benefits – so do seek medical advice first if you fall into this catergory.