Hip injuries

Snapping Hip – The Injured Runner

Snapping Hip as the name implies is a condition where a snapping sensation is felt in the front or side of the thigh. This condition can range from annoying to debilitating. The most common location is the front of the hip, deep to the hip flexor muscle. The cause of the popping may be the hip flexor muscle flipping over a bursa or a ridge in the pelvic bone. If you lie on your back and lift the leg as it is held in a straight position you will feel your familiar snap.

Occasionally a snapping hip condition develops on the outer side of the hip. These conditions are not serious but can be quite painful.

  • Gentle stretching of the hip flexor muscles. Hold stretch for thirty seconds, repeat three times, and perform this routine two to three times per day. See Hip Flexor Stretch.
  • Trunk strengthening is essential. The hip flexors attach to the spine and will perform optimally with good trunk strength. The hip flexors propel us forward as we run and must be balanced by well-conditioned trunk muscles.