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How to prevent running injuries

How to prevent running injuries an introduction Running is a great form of exercise that is not only good for physical health but also mental well-being. However, like any other physical activity, it carries the risk of injury. Injuries are indeed, a fact of the runners life. But running injuries can range from minor issues […]

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Help – I’ve got a hip running injury from running

Running causes pain in my hips – is it a hip injury from running This could be GTPS – but this is mainly experienced by women between 40 and 50. The pain is felt outside the hip, and it hurts if you lie on it or do any repetitive movement. Treatment is a period of […]

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Shin splint treatments and exercises: 6 tips try now

Shin splint treatments and exercises. What exactly shin splints are is still not entirely confirmed by science. But what we do know is that it’s a pain and tenderness in the shin area and you are interested in how to get rid of shin splints. We have pulled together some tips on shin splint treatments […]

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Osgood Schlotter Disease – The Injured Runner

Osgood schlotter disease summary Osgood Schlotter Disease (OSD) is a condition where pain is felt on the bump at the top of the shinbone. It was named after the doctors who first wrote about it, Drs. Osgood and Schlotter. Pain caused by OSD OSD is the most common cause of knee pain in athletes between […]