What are the benefits of running?

Introducing the benefits of running

Your body responds to exercise in a number of ways. But what are the benefits of running? Some of the benefits happen straight away, some in the short term and some in the long term. We will level with you – there will be some aches and pains but the benefits will hopefully well outweigh these and the scientific benefits of running are well documented. We even have a guide to help you start running from scratch. And here’s a tailored guide if you’re a woman wanting to start out.

Mental benefits of running in the short term

Running provides a huge range of mental and emotional benefits. Heard of the runners high? This is thanks to the chemical endorphins running will set off in your body. You will find that you have a confidence boost and may find anxiety and depression reducing. Running can also really help you develop a positive sense of self. By setting goals and achieving them you will really help your own wellbeing and confidence.

What are the benefits of running in the medium term?

After a few weeks of progressive running you will start to see an improvement in your fitness levels. You will notice you can breathe more easily and during the run you will feel more in control! Your legs will also recover more quickly between your runs and not be so achey.

What are the benefits of running to your body?

Your breathing will become easier as you start to take in oxygen and utilising it effectively.

Your heart rate will descrease.

Your lungs will get stronger.

Circulation will improve.

Muscles and connective tissues will strengthen as well as recovering more quickly.

The health benefits of running

Regular running has been shown to reduce your risk significantly of suffering from a long list of chronic medical conditions and causes of ill health. As well as reducing your risk of these conditions running is a really good way to improve and maintain your general health. You can increase muscle strength, joints and make your skin brighter! Your immune system will be boosted, muscle tension reduced, you will sleep better and reduce chlolesterol.

If you’re still on the fence, what is stopping you! There’s lots of guidance on getting started in this guide here.

Running outdoors – what are the benefits of running outside

All exercise will improve mood stress and anxiety, but exercising in green space outside has been shown to have an even greater effect than exercising indoors. Research showed that exercising in a park or woodland was 50% better for your mental wellbeing than exercising in a gym. We don’t know why the brain reacts differently – but it does – so get outside for some of those runs. Running connects you with nature and has a calming effect!