Foot injuries

Why do I keep hurting my feet running?

Feeling pain in the feet from your running? Here are three reasons which might answer the question – why do I keep hurting my feet running?

Read on:

1: You aren’t stretching them

Maintaining flexible feet really helps avoid all the issues caused by tight achilles tendons. So here is a simple stretch you can try now to help – put your palms against a wall – shoulder width apart. Facing the wall, hips forwards. Step one foot backwards and hold for 30 seconds and then switch feet. This is how to relieve foot pain from running!

2. Your shoes aren’t fitting

Comfortable and well fitting shoes are key for injury prevention. A common error is that your trainers are too small. This can cause you problems as small as black toenails and as problematic as bad ankles.

The key is to have a thumbs width between the tip of your shoe and the top of your longest toe.

3. You’re ignoring your foot pain!

Are you guilty of this one? Sometimes as runners we can think that foot pain is just a by-product of running. But listen up runners -because ignoring your foot pain can lead to stress fractures of the metatarsels.

Pain in the foot which doesn’t improve after three days is your body giving you a clear signal to rest. If the discomfort is still there after 2 weeks rest – book yourself a medical appointment.

Listen to your body. The more you run, the better you will get at interpreting your own sensations.

4. You’ve got achilles tendinitis

Make sure you warm up well, with plenty of stretching after running – holding each stretch for 20-30 secs. Face a wall with your hands against it and lean forwards with a straight body. Keep both heels on the floor until you feel your calf muscles and achilles tendon stretch. Another helpful stretch is to stand with the ball of the foot on a step and allow the heel to drop. If it feels ok you can ease the stretch a little further.

5. Blisters are causing you discomfort

When your skin and sock or sock and shoe rub together when you run there is friction and blisters can develop. There are however ways you can keep blisters away:

Make sure your shoes fit comfortably – neither too narrow or too loose. If you are able, wear running socks – these are designed to carry the moisture away from the skin. Add petroleum jelly to your feet before your socks to reduce any chance of rubbibg.