Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome — The Injured Runner

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is an injury of the tibial nerve as it passes through a tunnel formed by the bones near the arch of your foot. Excessive pronation (which is when the foot rolls inward for a longer than normal portion of the running cycle), weight gain, or inward sprain of the foot may cause this injury.

Typically you’ll feel pain deep in the arch and you may have a burning or tingling sensation associated with it. Sometimes, if you tap on the location of the nerve it will reproduce your symptoms.

  • Arch Supports or orthotics (custom foot supports) may be able to position the foot in a way that reduces strain on the nerve.
  • A physical therapist can use a treatment called iontophoresis, which is the use of electrical current to apply a steroid medication over the inflamed nerve.
  • An anti-inflammatory should be used to reduce the pain and inflammation.
  • Strengthening and balance training.