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Swimming Cross Training – The Injured Runner

If you are an experienced swimmer and have access to a pool then swimming is a great alternative to running. You’ll get a whole body workout and easily elevate your heart rate with minimal stress on the legs. Some less experienced swimmers get frustrated with stroke or breathing technique and may prefer deep water running […]

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Running Techniques

Good running techniques A good running form and better running techniques can be learned and will make you economical and smooth in your stride and breathing. Crucially it also helps prevent running injuries. You can improve your running techniques by following a few tips, going from head down to your toes and paying attention to […]

Training tips

what to eat for runners

Eating before you run can prevent low blood sugar.  Things you might want to eat during running are sports gels and bars, and sports drinks or water. Runners should eat more high-carbohydrate foods to keep their muscles fueled and avoid sugary foods, such as candy and soda, within an hour before hard exercise.