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women running beginner challenge: how to get started today

womens running beginner challenge – good reasons to get started!

Running or any kind of regular physical activity is positive for you and your health. The great thing about running is that it is one of the easiest sports to take up as you don’t need much kit to get started, can set off straight out of your front door and don’t need much time to get going. We will help show you how to run like a girl (and believe us that is a good thing) with our guide and top tips for a womens running beginner challenge!

The health benefits – to both mental and physical health – are multiple. It has been proven to reduce your risk of chronic medical conditions – including strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes. So we suggest that focusing on how running is good for your health is really that first key step in how to start running as a woman.

Also, you should know that running is something all women can do, and can really do well. Doing well doesn’t mean going faster than other people or winning races or breaking any other records! No, it’s running at your own pace, with confidence and in your own time.

(If you are pregnant and wondering about running during pregnancy we have a separate article about that here.)

The challenge of creating a life balance through balance.

Lots of women have busy work and family lives – often responsible for the lion’s share of caring responsibilities. As such the thought of fitting running into the mix can seem impossible. But trust us that once you find a way – you will never look back. Those endorphins are real. See it as key ‘you time’. Balance in life is about finding the time for the things that are important to you and your wellbeing – and we know it’s hard to find the time but what is more important in life than your health? Womens beginner running is about making space for your wellbeing and physical health.

How to overcome apprehension about starting running as a woman.

Apprehension is totally normal. We all feel worried or nervous when we start something new. It’s a personal challenge – you can do it.

The challenge of finding the time to run as a busy woman.

We know and understand you have a busy life – so here are are some top tips for finding the time to start running.

How about first thing in the morning – running before you do anything else, getting you ready in the day. Could you shorten that morning routine or get up 25 minutes earlier? Or do you have a commute that could be a partial run? Could you use some of your lunch break for a short run?

Key to fitting running in and finding the time is to not feel guilty about making time to go for a run as we know women are often responsible for more than their fair share of the home and caring responsibilites.

How much time do I need to start running?

Don’t worry, you don’t need much time to get started. Beginners should start slowly and build up – running just 15 minutes up to 40 at the start. Try and plan to run for 15 minutes, three times a week, at the start. In time you will be able to build up your stamina to keep running for longer at a time – but don’t worry about this at the start.

Always remember a little running is better than no running – and we recommend you walk /run to build up when you start off. Despite what you might read – there are no rules saying how long you should exercise for. It all depends on the time you can make, your fitness, and your goals.

How do I protect my safety running as a woman?

It is normal to feel concerned about your safety as a woman. Here are some suggestions for how to reduce your risk when you are running.

  • don’t run wearing headphones – make sure you can hear what is going on around you.
  • stay in areas where you feel safe. If you run in an evening, make sure it is well lit.
  • join a running group – there may well be a womens beginner running one near you – or find a couple of friends to run with
  • Wear bright colours and reflective items
  • Carry a mobile phone with you.
  • Take a map or make sure you have access to one on your phone.

Beginners running plan for women

Here’s a beginners running plan to get you started.